ATR get more local in Ireland

At The Races recently launched a dedicated service for Irish viewers that will include bespoke advertising targeted at the Irish market.

All advertising run on the channel in Ireland will be managed by Sky Media Ireland and will include campaigns planned and bought by Irish media agencies targeting Irish audiences.

At The Races joins Sky Media’s Irish portfolio including: Sky 1, Sky Atlantic, Sky Living, Sky News, Sky Sports 1, Sky Sports 2 and Sky Sports News.

The new service will provide a new, selective media opportunity for Irish businesses seeking a strong ABC1 Male profile audience. Irish brands will have access to strategic and tactical opportunities across both spot advertising and sponsorship. The Channel reaches up to 1.9 million in-home viewers every month in the UK (BARB) and Irish audiences are expected to add around 10% to those numbers. The channel will be monitored by Nielsen ratings research in Ireland.

Matthew Imi, CEO of At The Races said: “Giving Irish racing the focus and attention it deserves has always been a key programming philosophy for us. Now we are very pleased to announce this opportunity to improve our channel service in Ireland. Not only will it allow us to quantify our viewership for the first time and sell airtime against a dedicated Irish audience but, in due course, we’ll also be able to produce bespoke Irish programming and tailor a broadcast service to suit our Irish racecourse partners’ and viewers’ needs. These are things we are very excited about as we look into 2012 and beyond and we look forward to working with our Irish racecourse colleagues to identify ways in which we can help them make the most of this opportunity. We believe this service will ultimately enable us to be more responsive to their needs and help drive attendance to Irish racecourses, create new advertising, sponsorship and hospitality revenues and maximise betting on Irish racing.”


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